Swim Tuition:  Single Lessons: $50 per swim lesson – Lessons are 25 minutes of one on one instruction

All Swim Lessons No Cancellations or Refunds

Please schedule your lessons carefully as there are

No Cancellations, No Make-ups, No Rescheduling and No Credits (even for illness)

Lessons are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable

Pre-purchased non-booked  lessons expire 5 months from purchase date (Does not apply to booked lessons)

Payment: Check, Cash, Visa* or Mastercard*

*If paying by credit card, please note there is a 4% processing fee if you pay by credit/debit card 

To avoid this 4% fee, please pay by cash or check at the front desk


Please Note: To register your child, you must create an individual account for each child, using a separate email account for each child.

Siblings cannot share an account or email address.      

Siblings Must be Scheduled Separately Using Their Own Unique Username & Email Address:

You must login to each child’s individual account to schedule their session. You cannot schedule siblings from the same account.

If you have a Gmail account here’s a work around so that you will not need to create a 2nd or 3rd email address. Using Gmail + Sign.

Example: [email protected]    Mary has 3 children, Brian, Livia & Myles that she will register using her gmail account and + sign



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