Goggles & Swim Caps:

  • Goggles are required for all students. 
  • Swim Caps are required for all girl & boy students who have hair longer than chin length.

Parents, Family & Friends Observing Lessons:

  • All parents, adult spectators and children MUST observe from the bench area
  • Please do not walk or stand around the pool area during lessons
  • Children are not permitted in the retail area of the store unless they are accompanied by an adult

Fecal Pool Incident: 

  • In the rare occasion that your child has a fecal incident in our pool, we will be forced to close the pool for our staff to begin sanitation and decontamination procedures.
  • If this occurs and your child is responsible for the pool closure, you will be charged a minimum of $800.00 for lost revenue and pool & facility cleaning charges.