Anderson’s Swim School is family owned and operated. We have been teaching children to swim since 1974. We pride ourselves on hiring the best instructors and we build upon that foundation with continuous training and education. Every instructor is trained extensively on the Anderson Swim School method. Our well-qualified Anderson instructors have exceptional qualifications, relevant teaching experience, and most of all, an unyielding commitment and dedication to our program and the children we serve.

What separates us from other programs is our private swim lessons. All lessons are 25 minutes in length. Private lessons are taught one on one in a non-parent participation program. Private lessons help minimize distractions and create a focused learning environment where learning is accelerated and personalized attention is at an optimal level. Depending on the student’s skill level, he or she will progress from the basics of feeling comfortable enough to put his/her face in the water all the way to advanced stroke technique.




Swimming Lessons for Sensitive Kids 

by Joyce Slaton

“Kids love swimming,” you say to yourself grimly, as once more your child pitches a fit when you get to the pool. “You should be loving this!” But she isn’t. Although most children love going in the water from infancy, the indoor swimming spots typically available to urban kids are a nightmare for those sensitive to sounds or nervous about being watched. Loud screams and splashes echo off the tiled walls; water gets in your eyes; and there’s some instructor hounding you to put your face in the water when you’d rather get out of the pool and run far, far away. Worst of all, there’s tense mom on the sidelines, watching the several hundred bucks she spent for swimming lessons slide slowly into the “money down the drain” category.

Anderson’s  Swim School in Pacifica knows how to handle these kids. The pool is clean and warm, instructors are gentle and willing to jolly along children who are having a tough time with the lessons. Students start out with 25 minute private lessons sold in various sessions, one-on-ones with an instructor who will move them at  their own pace.

The instructors are experienced in dealing with kids having water issues. They don’t push, they don’t force, they don’t raise their voices. But they get kids comfortable in the water, and then they teach them to swim, while mom or dad sits on the sidelines, finally getting a break.

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